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Praise for our resource site!

Dyslexia identifiable in 3 to 4 year olds?
Are there any possible signs of dyslexia in children as young as three or four and how early can it be determined? I have a parent whose dyslexia was not noticed until high school and she is very worried about her young daughter. (Mel C, USA)
Reply: It’s extremely difficult to diagnose dyslexia before the age of 7. Also, you have to be careful that any anxiety about whether the child might be dyslexic or not isn’t picked up by the child. The best recommendation is to try to do all the right things for developing early literacy and numeracy – stories at bedtime, counting the forks and spoons, etc. – and be very supportive of all the school work once she starts. If she’s noticeably below the rest of her age-group at 7, then have an assessment. Remember that, whilst dyslexia is an inherited characteristic, there are huge numbers of dyslexic adults whose children have not inherited it in the least.

Reply: I’m also concerned about my 3 year old grand-daughter being dyslexic. She writes from right to left and draws her letters backwards. If she is dyslexic, I would like to give her the learning tools now so she can learn in our public school system when the time comes. I don’t want her to fall into the cracks that sometimes exists in public schools. Can we help now? Are there things we can do that will aid our children and their teachers later? (Mona S., Oklahoma)

Congratulations on your valuable new web-site. I had spent nearly an hour going through it last night before I realized what the time was! (Ken, Yorkshire, UK)

What a brilliant web-site for teachers – much overdue. (Lucy, Georgia, US)