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Monitoring Diet with Portion Control to Improve Mental Health

Many people assume that attitude is all related to chemistry, genetics or ones mental health.  They think that these can not be altered because someone is predisposed to acting or behaving a certain way.  Additionally, if a child has dyslexia or another thing which causes it to be more difficult on the child to focus or even leading the kid to get frustrated, they may give up more easily because they think that they are incapable of doing the task at hand. It is important to remember that this frustration can be aided by teaching the kid that they are very capable of making small changes in their life to gain control.

Some children suffer from child obesity in addition to other special needs because they rely on food as a source of comfort when they are feeling discouraged.  We encourage education about health, fitness and weight loss.  If a child or even an adult learns about proper portion control, there are many things that can be avoided.  The 21 day fix is a health and exercise program for adults and teenagers to help instruct them on how to exercise, burn calories and how eating portion in smaller quantities will help a child lose weight.  The colored 21 day fix containers come in sizes of all kinds and must be filled accordingly to help the individual lose weight steadily.  The containers are divided based on various food groups. Some colored containers will be for fruits and vegetables. Other smaller sized containers are for meats and carbohydrates.  By combining these containers together, you create a balanced meal that does not exceed maximum calorie intakes.  This allows the individual to watch their weight and learn about what size portion meals are sufficient to get enough energy throughout the day.  While the 21 day fix workouts might be too intense, the containers are excellent to teach children about healthy choices and options.

If a kid eats healthy meals, he gets the nutrients, vitamins and energy to make wise choices throughout the day.  Children are less irritated and agitated when they are not hungry and they will be able to focus on working or studying and will not get as frustrated with themselves if they perform more slowly than other kids.  They will take their time and get the job done.  Overall, living a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy portion sizes with food that promotes health and growth is the best way to make sure a kid with any special needs gets the best start in life.