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Letters from Parents

Dyslexia undiagnosed in girls?
The latest research indicates that dyslexia is as common in girls as it is in boys. I think that the reason for the apparent increased frequency in boys is that dyslexia is under diagnosed in girls, as it was with my daughter.

Software for teaching musical notation?
I am hopeful that my search for materials will end here. I am a music teacher working on a master’s. In a recent parent conference, I discovered that one of my students was dyslexic. I was astonished because none of the documents that I keep as his teacher identified this learning style. Now, more than ever, I am dedicated to seeing this student (and probably others) succeed in reading music in my choir. Who knows of some computer software (this is what motivates kids) that would help my students and I in our success? (Bill, Texas, USA – [email protected])

Dyslexic, but no problem writing?
Is it possible to have a reading and spelling problem, without a writing problem and still be dyslexic if you have all the other classic symptoms? (Stacey, UK)
Response from John Bradford: Yes, it is. Dyslexia is a general term covering a whole range of difficulties in dealing with words and text, and different people are affected differently. Many dyslexic people are able to read, but have difficulties with spelling; others experience difficulties with reading comprehension, and others with speech. If you were lucky, you were taught to write in a cursive handwriting style, which makes things much easier all round.

Pokemon helped!
I believe that Pokemon helped our son improve his reading by one grade level in less then a year. He has slowed down, however, the interest in Harry Potter is growing.. Our son is in 5th grade. (Val, Mom of one dyslexic, wife of the other (USA)

Some teachers who cared!
What’s it like being dyslexic? I have dyslexia and, very soon, a Ph.D. I have often given talks to students and parents about growing up and succeeding with dyslexia. I must admit that I have mostly ignored the teachers. Teachers generally fall into two groups, the ones that care (and would look up a web-site like Dyslexia Teacher) and those that don’t. I have had the opinion that I do not know enough to help the good teachers and I have never been able to reach the bad teachers. However I have been asked by several teachers to reach out to other teachers and offer my experiences as it may help them help there students. At this link is a short story about what is was like to grow up with dyslexia. It talks about the problems with identifying dyslexic students and where the student is during the process. I’m not the best writer in the world but I hope it helps! And let me also say thank you! If it were not for teachers like you who cared enough to ask why, I would not be here. (Darb, OK, USA)