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How Being A Healthy Teacher Improves Your Teaching

I am a primary school teacher and I have been teaching grade four for five years. When I began teaching, I was overweight. I found that throughout the day I was very tired and didn’t have much energy. When you do not have much energy, it makes it difficult to teach successfully. Children are extremely active and have a lot of energy. Even children who are championed overweight are extremely active.

A recess or every time, you can see all the children running around, playing sports, dancing, screaming, and a have no regard for how they look or they don’t get tired Even children who are overweight a lot of practicing exercise. Why? This is because children think it’s fun. You won’t stop playing a video game if you were tired.
They enjoy it. Forget how fun exercise and activity can be whereas children understand is. Children exercise because it’s fun. They don’t exercise for any other reason once I started losing weight with skinny fiber pills I began to enjoy my job more. It became a class project. The goal was for us as a class to get in shape to be able to run faster, lift more, being more energetic, way more sports, and feel happier. We decided to make the challenge throughout the year. The children measured how much they could run at the beginning of the school year and how much they can run at the end of the school year.

I had to participate to because it was my project. I was only there homeroom teacher their physical education teacher but didn’t matter. Because we thought that we would be better students and their teachers if we were staying, healthy, and active. And you know why? It worked. At the beginning of the day before we began our activities before we began our school work, we went outside we did 10 minutes of stretching and 30 minutes of exercise every single day.

Other classrooms wondered why we did that but the thing is, we performed more and better in all of the other subjects. The children were energized and excited and happy anything their work faster than the children who had stayed inside all day tired from being woken up in the morning and fumbling through their exercises and school work. This taught me that the more exercise you do, the more energy you have, the better you work and the better you perform.

Since then, I have done this every school year with my kids and we have never been in such good shape in our lives. I will continue this with all of my students every school year and think it will result in better work ethic for them and also for myself!