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Educating Teachers about Osteopathy

In the school system, is extremely important for teachers to understand the history of osteopathy. The medical field is a very complex field and in the 1800s many people struggled trying to find a physician who actually understood how to treat their conditions. The first school of osteopathy began in 1892 in the United States. Some Canadians traveled to the United States to learn how to practice osteopathy there.

It wasn’t until 1917 that a osteopath educational facility Osteopath Central London in England was opened where people were able to practice and recognize as crucial in the medical industry. There are now thousands of osteopath worldwide and over 10 different places where people can study and educate themselves about osteopaths as doctors to become recognized osteopaths.  There is a lot of confusion about what exactly is the importance of this type of medicine so lets discuss the importance of educating teachers about this particular study in the medical field.

In this day and age, pharmacists and doctors are quick to hand out pills to solve all of our ailments without actually taking the time to investigate if there is an alternative method to helping cure ailments or treat the body. This is dangerous because we become reliant upon pills and medicine and these pills may interfere with each other leading to more pain or problems for the future.  Osteopathy focuses on alternatives that are drug-free to manually help heal the body by working with the framework of the body.  Different exercises are used to help strengthen the joints, spine and muscles and this can cause improvement in the body’s various nervous and lymphatic symptoms.

Visiting an osteopath is not only for those who have problems with their joints and muscles – it can also help improve your general health by improving your strength, endurance and flexibility through various exercises.  It is also recommended for people who have certain reactions or allergies to various drugs or they are unable to take prescription medication for whatever reason.  Osteopaths use manual techniques to really understand and learn about the problem rather than simply diagnosing based on readings from a text.

They work to determine what exactly is wrong with your body and use massaging or acupuncture type of exercises or treatment in order to help heal the problem at hand.  It’s important that teachers educate their students about these types of practices to help them develop into adults who will not take prescription drugs every time they feel a pain. There are many natural remedies available and it’s crucial that we use them when applicable rather than opting for a more serious treatment that can lead to many other serious problems if a person is misdiagnosed.