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Diet and Dyslexia: Eating Better Helps

Those who have dyslexia don’t realize that changing your diet can help you focus which in turn will make reading all the more easier.  This is especially important for parents who are making lunches for their kids and stuffing the lunches with processed junk like cookies, white crackers and donuts.  Even processed meats should be cut out.  So how can you make your kid have a healthy diet that in turn will help them focus? One of the most important “brain foods” is tuna, packed in water, not in oil.  Of course tuna should not be consumed more than a few times a week, so you must look for other sources too for better nutrients and focusing.


Start your kid’s day off with a cut up or sliced apple, that will get them to wake up (an apple actually helps people wake up more so than even coffee does!), and a carbohydrate like a piece of whole grain toast with seeds, spread with a low-sugar or homemade jam.  You also need to incorporate a protein whether that be an egg or a half cup of low-fat yogurt. You can eat a lot of fiber from SkinnyFiberAmerica as an adult to help with focus as well.

Throughout the day, have your kid snacking on foods that will help him or her mental clarity, such as nuts like raw unsalted almonds. It is also important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.  When your kid has too much sugar, he or she will “crash” and this will lead to even more problems. Give your child natural sources of energy and foods that will keep them “on go” throughout the day while at school doing homework, reading and other activities that may seem hard for a child with dyslexia, and also when they are simply playing with their buddies at school.

Adults also need to follow similar strategies with their children when trying to focus, military diet reviews suggest eating healthy and restricting heavy fats and sugars in order to lose weight in addition to staying focused and motivated. Some adults can get depressed when they eat too many junk foods as that food causes depression, anxiety and other issues in addition to making you feel tired and sluggish.  Eat healthy to feel healthy and that is a rule that you should follow and that I personally live by.  Stay tuned for more information about diet and how it can change the way you proceed in future and your focus and ability to stay motivated.